Answering the Call of God
By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: May 9, 2013

For Phil Robertson of A&E’s show “Duck Dynasty,” life is not about money, family and ducks. It’s all about faith, family and ducks. Through his faith in Christ and the support of his family, Robertson has built his company, Duck Commander, from a small business that grossed $8,000 in its first year to a multimillion dollar empire. During that time, he went from a life filled with alcohol to one dedicated to Christ. “Duck Dynasty” just finished its third season, with record ratings for A&E, even beating “American Idol” with the airing of its season finale. Now Robertson is telling how he got from there to here, with the publication of his autobiography, Happy, Happy, Happy.

The Road to Salvation

In his youth, Robertson lived a sinful life where sex and drugs ruled. He said his life on the fast track going nowhere. Although he was a promising football star and was drafted to the National Football League he chose not to follow that path. Robertson resisted various attempts to bring him closer to God and even kicked out a man who tried to do a Bible study with him at a bar. Although he was reluctant to get saved, he finally found his way to God’s love and light. In an interview with the Christian Post, Robertson said the blood of God washed away his sin and was humbled by it.

Blessed by God

Robertson has turned his life around since letting God into his life. His sinful past of sex, drugs and alcohol abuse has been replaced with building his company, raising a close-knit family with his wife and preaching the word of God. Robertson’s life has been blessed by God and yet he stays humble and faithful.

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