Find Spirituality at Lakeview Health Systems’ Florida Drug Rehab

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September 16, 2010

Find Spirituality at Lakeview Health Systems’ Florida Drug Rehab

There is a misconception that spirituality is religion. It is very possible for an individual to be spiritual with being religious. Spirituality enables individuals to have a sense of well being and being comfortable in their own skin. When an individual who suffers from the disease of addiction first enters addiction treatment they will be introduced to the twelve steps of alcoholics or narcotics anonymous. For many these twelve steps can easily be mistaken as a religious program. The twelve steps of alcoholics and narcotics anonymous is NOT a religious program.

At Lakeview Health Systems clients are introduced to spirituality through group and individual counseling/therapy. Lakeview Health Systems uses various tools to help their clients discover their spirituality. The staff at Lakeview Health firmly believes that the stronger an individual’s spirituality is the better chance they give themselves at achieving long-term sobriety.

While some are able to get sober and find spirituality on their own it is by no means an easy task. At Lakeview Health Systems’ Florida Drug Rehab an individual will get the care, support and guidance needed to jump start a life in sobriety. Everyone who suffers from addiction is different which is why the staff at Lakeview Health work closely together to formulate an individual treatment plan for each client to help them discover the spirituality that is necessary in order to stay sober.

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