Why Choose Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?
By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: January 24, 2020

When it comes to addiction treatment, there are many different types of addiction therapy programs – like dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. Hearing about them all may be confusing and understanding the benefits of each of these can be draining. You may wonder why you should choose cognitive behavioral therapy in conjunction with other therapy options. At Lakeview Health, we believe cognitive behavioral therapy can be an important part of recovery.

What is CBT?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, otherwise known as CBT, is a version of talk therapy. During cognitive-behavioral therapy, a therapist will individually help you to identify negative thought processes that can impact your behavior. After you’ve identified your negative behavior patterns, you can work on creating coping mechanisms and building positive behavior patterns. CBT is useful in treating addiction, as well as many other mental illnesses – which Lakeview Health specializes in – such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Why Should I Choose Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

There are a variety of benefits to choosing CBT such as, understanding your behavior patterns and becoming more mindful. You will become mindful of your behaviors and how your thoughts and feelings influence your actions – making it easier to control your thoughts and make rational decisions.

Another reason why CBT is helpful is that it can help you change your beliefs about yourself. Positive behavioral patterns can encourage you to do many things that you may have previously not believed you could do.

CBT also provides you the ability to live more freely. Without the negative thought patterns and behaviors that previously weighed you down, you don’t have to feel anxious about what you should do next. You’re mindful of your thoughts. You’re also mindful of the fact that you handle situations better when you don’t stress over them.

What Other Treatments Are Available?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is not the only tool that we use to treat addiction. We provide a variety of evidence-based and holistic therapies. Holistic therapies are therapies that treat the mind, body, and soul. Examples of holistic therapies include:

We also offer many evidence-based therapies. These therapies are therapies that therapists and other medical professionals have tested. In other words, we have proof that these therapies work. This is one more reason why you should choose cognitive behavioral therapy; it’s one of the evidence-based therapies, so you know it has worked in the past. Other evidence-based therapies include:

Treatment is Available at Lakeview

Lakeview Health can be the answer to your addiction treatment. We offer treatment for addictions such as:

  • Heroin addiction
  • Prescription pill addiction
  • Opiate addiction
  • Alcohol addiction

To learn more about cognitive-behavioral therapy or to enroll in one of our treatment programs, contact Lakeview Health today.