Benefits of Group Therapy for Addiction Recovery
By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: January 23, 2020

If you are someone who suffers from addiction and you’re looking for a residential treatment program, one question you may have is ‘what will my days look like in treatment.’ When you come to Lakeview Health, you’ll spend a good portion of your time in different addiction therapy programs – this includes individual and group therapy. In individual therapy, you have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a medical therapist to focus on identifying the underlying or root cause of your substance abuse disorder. With group therapy, you are joined by others who are going through treatment at the same time. Group therapy immerses you into many different experiences, from expressive arts therapy to skills development to cognitive behavioral therapy groups. For a full description of all the different types of therapies, you will experience in treatment, contact Lakeview Health today.

What Are The Benefits of Group Therapy for Addiction Recovery?

One of the biggest benefits of group therapy for addiction recovery is that groups give you the ability to bond with others in the program and provide an avenue for you to build a support system to connect with once you leave treatment.

It also provides a safe space of understanding – everyone in the group is either going through the same thing you are or has experienced similar things you are experiencing. Group therapy encourages you to lean on each other to get through the process. It also gives you a safe space to talk to each other and bounce ideas or feelings off of each other – decreasing the feeling of loneliness.

Many times, addiction cuts off your ability to communicate clearly and concisely and addiction can make you isolate yourself from the outside world. Group therapy also pushes you to relearn communication skills and teaches you how to communicate effectively.

Finally, group therapy allows you to help other people. Similar to your learning from others’ experiences, you can share your experiences, and others may learn from you. The feeling you get when you change someone’s life for the better is empowering.

Get Treatment at Lakeview Today

Lakeview Health can be the key to treating your addiction. We provide a treatment plan tailored to you that includes a mix of individual and group therapies. We’ve designed all of our programs to help you overcome your addiction. We offer treatment for several dependencies, such as:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Prescription pain pill addiction
  • Heroin addiction
  • Opiate addiction

To learn more about our treatment programs, or to learn about the benefits of group therapy for addiction recovery, call Lakeview today at [Direct]. Your life can begin again when you get treatment at Lakeview.