What are Court Ordered Rehab Programs?
By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: April 25, 2016

Court ordered rehab programs are growing in favor with judges across the country. In recent years, it has become increasingly common for individuals to be sentenced for their crimes involving illicit substances to attend court ordered rehab programs. As the total number of individuals receiving criminal convictions related to drug paraphernalia continues to hold steady throughout the United States, a trend of alternative sentencing is taking hold. Here’s some information about court ordered rehab programs. Judges across the nation are beginning to favor court ordered rehab programs because they realize that a harsh punishment may not always be the best thing for someone who is struggling with addiction. For many individuals, being punished without receiving the treatment they need to combat their chronic illness can often mean immediate relapse once they are in a situation where relapse is possible. Court ordered rehab programs offer assistance to nonviolent offenders, offering them the ability to fight back against their disease with professional drug rehab. Many of the programs take the form of outpatient rehabilitation services. Individuals in outpatient rehab continue to live at home while receiving services at an addiction treatment center multiple times per week. Services normally include group therapy as well as individual therapy sessions.

Who Often Qualifies For Court Ordered Rehab Programs?

Individuals may be a candidate for rehabilitation versus incarceration if they meet the following criteria:

  • Have committed a nonviolent crime
  • Do not have a prior criminal record
  • Have completed an evaluation with a mental health counselor or professional
  • Have demonstrated that you can benefit from rehab

Sanctions are often imposed upon individuals who violate the terms of their treatment program. In many cases, an absolute commitment to recovery is required, ensuring that individuals in court ordered rehab programs are taking their rehabilitation seriously. In some cases, regular meetings with parole officers will be required and a period of probation is likely to occur as well.

What Else Should I Know About Court Ordered Rehab Programs?

These types of programs often greatly benefit the community. Court ordered rehab programs assist individuals in need and give them the skills they require to ultimately return to society as functioning members. These programs work to save taxpayer dollars and help to keep families together. By diverting nonviolent cases out of the court system, nonviolent offenders are often given the ability to give back to their community through community service as well. Don’t wait to get help for your addiction or get stuck thinking you need to face incarceration for your nonviolent drug-related crime. Pick up the phone and call 866-704-7692 to speak with Lakeview Health today for more information about rehabilitation programs ordered by the court.