Substance Abuse and Compromised Immune Systems – What it Means for COVID-19
By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: April 14, 2020
As the world faces a pandemic with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), many are concerned about how this may affect them. There who are at higher risk for contracting the virus and having more severe complications are those with a compromised immune system. This means for substance abusers, their risks increase if they do contract the virus.

About COVID-19

Coronavirus has halted life as we know it after sweeping across the globe starting two months ago. Now, with the virus hitting home here in the United States, many are scrambling to figure out the new guidelines, protocols and best practices for protecting themselves.

What we know about coronavirus and those who suffer with substance use is that it puts them at a higher risk. Substance use compromises many vital organs in the body – most importantly in this case, the lungs.

A Compromised Immune System And Substance Use

You may be wondering how substance abuse can impact your risk of contracting COVID-19. The dangerous side of this virus in relation to substance users is that the virus attacks the lungs. For many people they won’t know that they have even contracted it or are asymptomatic, but for a substance user, it could affect them more severely. The American Society of Microbiology states that people with substance use disorder have a compromised immune system.

Drugs and alcohol take a toll on the internal organs. In other words, substance abuse wears down the entire system and your organs. When your system isn’t up to one hundred percent functioning, then you’re more prone to incoming toxins and disease.

Another factor in why people who abuse drugs have a weakened immune system is because they don’t eat properly due to doing drugs regularly. When you don’t get enough nutrition into your system, it can compromise your immunity.

Next Steps If You Are At Risk For COVID-19

By connecting with a drug and alcohol rehab facility, you will be taking the first step in enhancing your health. At a rehab facility, you will get the care you need to withdraw safely from drugs or alcohol, thereby promoting a strengthened immune system. In addition, a rehab center also provides you with nutritional meals and opportunities for safe exercise. These factors boost immunity too.

You may wonder about whether it’s safe to go to a rehab facility because of the outbreak of COVID-19. A reputable rehab maintains a high standard of sterilization and safety within the facility. Doctors and medical professionals are staying up to date on the dangers of the coronavirus, and they are taking necessary precautions to keep you safe.

When you attend a rehab center, a compassionate and experienced medical team will help you find the pathway to a healthy future. Discover a broad range of evidence-based treatment programs, including:

Don’t let your substance use problems get in the way of being healthy. Now that you understand the risks of a compromised immune system seek the aid you need by going to a quality drug rehab center. Contact Lakeview Health today by calling [Direct] to learn about treatment options and how we are keeping our clients safe during this time.