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How to Strength Train Your Biceps

The biceps are another key focus of many people’s workouts. Curls Curls Curls easily replace the hit Motley Crue song, and gym goers wouldn’t know the difference. The two heads of the biceps sit on the front of the arm, start above the shoulder and attach on the radius below the elbow. The origin of the long head above the shoulder makes

How to Train Your Triceps

It’s nearly beach season and it’s time for men to get out there and get bigger arms! That means we’re going to target the biceps this week right? Wrong. If you want a massive arm, you’ll want to take a look at the other side, the triceps brachii. These three heads originate as high as the

Quitting Cigarettes Improves Chances of Beating Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Cigarette smoking is still the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States, accounting for more than 480,000 deaths every year or one of every five deaths. Smoking is especially prevalent among people with substance use disorders. While cigarette smoking has declined among the general public, a significantly larger percentage of people

Fueling Your Body For Addiction Recovery

Everyone knows or has an idea that a proper diet is a necessity. Whether your goal is to gain muscle mass, lose weight, or simply live a healthier lifestyle, everything comes down to nutrition. What you eat, how often you eat, and even when you eat it, are all equally important. A lot of people

Maybe weightlifting isn’t for you…

This may sound blasphemous coming from a fitness instructor, but maybe lifting weights in the gym on a regular basis isn’t for you. Weightlifting is not mandatory to live a healthy life. Are there added benefits weightlifting can bring? Yes. Can well-being be achieved without having to get to the gym and repetitively picking up

Uncomplicate Your Plate

Nutrition is a topic that is overcomplicated if you make it. Day in and day out people struggle with questions about what they should or should not eat to stay healthy. The simple answer is this: eat it in moderation. Obviously in the demographic of people who struggle with addiction, moderation is not a term

Training Your Glutes – Muscle Monday

This week of Muscle Mondays starts a transition to the lower body. Starting at the top, we begin with three muscles that have significant impact on all lower body movement. These muscles are the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus, and they are referred to as the “glutes”. In case you missed it by the name,

How To Train Your Rectus Abdominis

Alright, onto the good stuff! The Rectus Abdominis is a prime target for training in nearly every workout plan. Why? The rectus abdominis is typically referred to as the “abs” and is the muscle revealed as the “six pack.” Exercise alone will not reveal your six pack because diet is a huge factor, but we can train it

How To Train Your Transverse Abdominis

Most gym goers have one goal in mind: a tight set of abs. However, what many do not understand is the picturesque physique of six pack abs does not equate to strong core muscles that will prevent injury and maximize performance. This edition of Muscle Mondays focuses on the deep-set Transverse Abdominis. Starting along the lower six ribs, the

How To Train Your Erector Spinae Muscles

Often times in training, the smallest muscles are the most important and the most forgotten. In the case of the back, the erector spinae are prime examples. The erector spinae are a group of muscles consisting of the spinalis, longissimus and iliocastilis. These muscles run vertically along each of the transverse and spinous processes of