The Dangers of the Current Benzo Shortage
By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: November 23, 2020

Is there a benzo shortage? Why and what does that mean for you? If you rely on or use benzos, it may mean you are finding it harder to get these drugs. You may not need to take them, though. For some people who develop an addiction to benzos, treatment can help you avoid being dependent on them, making this shortage something that does not impact you. At Lakeview Health, we can help you achieve these goals.

Is There a Benzo Shortage?

There are several key concerns about access to benzos. These drugs are commonly prescribed to individuals who have panic disorders and severe anxiety. They can work well to help minimize some of these risks. Recently, there has been an uptick in the number of benzos being prescribed by doctors of all kinds- putting pressure on the supply chain to keep up.

Anxiety rates have increased. In the United States, anxiety levels are significantly higher than in other countries. Many people are feeling that the higher anxiety they are experiencing is coming from various sources. That includes increasing worry about financial stability, COVID-19, and relationship problems. Lack of access to mental health care for some people has also made it very hard to get through the day. 

All of this has led to an increase in the demand for benzos, some of the most common drugs used to treat these conditions. This, coupled with supply chain shortages due to the pandemic, has made it hard for some people to get the drugs they want and need to cope.

Recognizing the Risks of Benzos

The benzo shortage is making it clear that many people are using these drugs to get through tough situations. While appropriate in some situations, for long-term use, they can be dangerous. More so, these drugs come with numerous side effects, including severe addiction. As a result of this, doctors try to limit the length of time a person is using those drugs whenever possible. For those with an addiction, that can lead to intense withdrawal and complications to health.

Do You Have an Addiction?

For some people, the benzo shortage may reveal a benzo addiction. If you are unable to obtain these medications and you are feeling physical and mental withdrawal symptoms, that is an indication that you may have a problem. Addiction can happen to people who use drugs as prescribed by their doctor. It can happen to anyone who is overusing them as well. 

You may have an addiction if you:

  • Need more of the drugs than you did before
  • Run out of your prescription early
  • Have contacted more than one doctor for help
  • Hide how much you are using
  • Feel pain or discomfort when you do not have access to the drugs

You don’t have to be a victim of the benzo shortage. Instead, why not use this time to get clean from all drugs?

Finding Your Way Forward May Mean No Longer Using These Drugs

In appropriate situations, benzos can be helpful. Yet, if you are facing addiction, it may be better to turn to therapy to stop using them. Our team at Lakeview Health can help you to do that with a number of different addiction treatment programs, including:

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Is the benzo shortage impacting you? It may be time to look for new ways and opportunities to overcome your use of them. At Lakeview Health, we offer the innovative programs you need to avoid the onset of health problems from drug use. Let us help you find the best solutions for your health. Contact our compassionate counselors today.