4 Holistic Approaches to Relapse Prevention

woman doing yoga as relapse prevention

It’s essential to take relapse prevention seriously. That includes while you are receiving therapy in a residential program like the one at Lakeview Health, but even more importantly, once you have left our care. While there are many types of prevention methods, some of the best and most rewarding involve a holistic approach. At Lakeview

Can Nutrition Make a Difference in Addiction Treatment?

individual embracing nutrition during addiction treatment

A healthy diet can’t take the place of traditional addiction treatment. Detox, counseling, and aftercare are a must if you want to beat your addictions for good. However, your diet can have a big impact on your recovery, helping you get over addiction faster and easier than would have otherwise been possible. Eating healthy foods

The Holistic Approach to Recovery – Holistic Treatment Center

individuals doing yoga on the beach through a holistic approach to recovery

Many addiction rehab centers offer holistic treatment as supplemental therapy. Holistic treatment focuses on the whole person. Its purpose is to balance the body, mind, spirit, and emotions to achieve the healthiest state. When choosing a drug and alcohol rehab, look for one that promotes holistic treatment. Why settle for giving 100 percent toward recovery

Can Holistic Addiction Treatment Actually Work?

women discussing Can holistic addiction treatment actually work

When you begin the search for addiction treatment, you may hear many terms you don’t know. For example, you might read about dual diagnosis, individualized treatment, and holistic therapies. As you do more research, you’ve learned more about each of these terms. As a result, you may wonder, “Can holistic addiction treatment actually work?” When

Be SMART With Your New Year’s Resolutions

With the New Year fast approaching, you may be thinking of what resolutions 2019 will bring. Self-growth is very important and highly recommended, but over half of people with a New Year’s resolution will give up in less than six months’ time (Szalavitz, 2012). In the wellness field, we are all too familiar with this

A Theology of Addiction: Christian Response to Addiction, part 2

The first article in this series, “Stages of Change,”explored the transtheoretical model, which posits six stages through which people go when they change. At any given time, only about 20 percent of people who are seeking to change are at the action stage, and most people are in one of the three earlier stages: precontemplation,

How to Train Your Calves

The bane of many bodybuilder’s existence is the featured muscle during this edition of Muscle Mondays. The gastrocnemius and soleus are the two muscles of your lower leg that allow plantar flexion of the ankle. The importance of this muscle cannot be overlooked because without it, you cannot walk, run, or drive. In other words,

How to Train Your Hamstrings

Continuing down the back of the leg from last week’s edition of Muscle Mondays, we stop at the “hamstrings”. The “hamstrings” is a group of muscles that work with the glutes to extend the hip, and work as a single group to flex the knee because they insert on the tibia and fibula of the

Training Your Glutes – Muscle Monday

This week of Muscle Mondays starts a transition to the lower body. Starting at the top, we begin with three muscles that have significant impact on all lower body movement. These muscles are the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus, and they are referred to as the “glutes”. In case you missed it by the name,

Holiday Recipe: Healthy Stuffed Mushrooms

Still in search of the perfect appetizer for your New Year’s get together? You can’t go wrong with these savory stuffed mushrooms! This recipe is easy to assemble, packed with scrumptious flavors, and full of healthy ingredients. Stuffed mushrooms are an excellent way to get vitamins and nutrients into your meal without feeling like you