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Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism

Alcohol Rehab Makes It Possible to Overcome Alcoholism

woman struggling with alcoholism

Alcoholism is a deadly disease and without the professional help of an alcohol rehab it can be nearly impossible to overcome. Individuals who struggle with the disease of alcoholism live a life full of drama an chaos. Their alcohol intake becomes their main priority and focus. Alcohol rehab can help the suffering alcoholic get their life back.

Finding Help in Residential Treatment Centers

woman comforting crying woman finding help in residential treatment centers

Residential addiction treatment offers the support needed to recovery from alcohol addiction. Over two hundred thousand Americans seek out help for alcohol abuse on a yearly basis. An individual is not likely to overcome their addiction to alcohol without the professional help, support and guidance provided by a residential addiction treatment center.

Moving On From Addiction

woman smiling outside and moving on from addiction

Moving out of your hometown to battle the disease of addiction can be helpful during the beginning stages of recovery. Leaving the area where drug abuse and alcoholism took place will help to avoid the drama and temptation that can trigger drug and alcohol abuse.

Getting Help in a Family Program

family finding help in a family program

Family and friends need to recover from their loved ones addiction. In a family program therapists and certified addiction professionals will work with the participants to help them to recover step by step.

Addiction and Social Class: Bursting the Myth

man falling into the stigma of professionals and addiction

Anyone is capable of struggling with addiction no matter what their background is. It doesn’t matter how successful or how big of a house they have. Addiction does not discriminate. The best way to get help for alcohol or drug abuse is through addiction treatment.

Empathy and Judgment

By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health Meet The Editorial Team Published: September 6, 2016 By David Blackburn “Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged” … We all remember that phrase and thought from Sunday school.  It is a concept worth considering and a good path to follow as we live our lives and interact with the multitudes

My Spouse is Reluctant to Begin Treatment for Alcohol… What Can I Do?

By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health Meet The Editorial Team Published: August 21, 2016 Admitting you need help and making the decision to enter into an alcohol rehabilitation program can be an unnerving event. In fact, fear and uncertainty keep a large majority of people from seeking the help they need. Even if they want to

How Pain Pill Addiction Can Sneak Up on Anyone

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Chemical Dependency Rehab: Taking the First Step

By Lakeview Health Lakeview Health Meet The Editorial Team Published: August 17, 2016 Knowing that you’re struggling with a chemical dependency can be a difficult thing to process. However, it’s an integral part of your recovery journey. Working through the first steps can help you find the right chemical dependency rehab you need to enjoy