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Relapse Prevention

Quarantine and Relapse: How to Stay in Recovery

woman looking out window and struggling with quarantine and relapse

Quarantine and relapse may feel synonymous. Isolation has long been recognized as a relapse trigger, and experts are reporting that the relapse rate is rising due to the quarantine. Do quarantine and relapse go hand in hand? They can. However, there are things you can do to reduce your risk. Through stress management, reaching out

Navigating Recovery in Quarantine

woman looking out window wondering how to navigate recovery in quarantine

Recovery can be difficult, no matter what stage you are in. Those new to recovery and those who have been clean and sober for years are all feeling the struggle of recovery in quarantine. However, with the right relapse prevention plan and alumni program, it can be done. Here are some tips on how to

10 Ways to Strengthen Your Recovery from Drug Addiction

couple running to strengthen your recovery

Perhaps you went through a medically monitored drug detox followed by a medically monitored substance abuse treatment program. Maybe you have managed to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and have quit using alcohol and drugs on your own. No matter how you do it, putting down alcohol and drugs is the easiest part of

Relapse in Drug and Alcohol Addiction

woman with head down on table and glass of wine and pills dealing with relapse in drug and alcohol addiction

When looking for an addiction treatment center it is important to find one that has a comprehensive relapse prevention program. Relapse prevention program help to identify triggers as well as what to do in the event that a relapse occurs.

Sober Super Bowl Party

friends enjoying a sober Super Bowl party

We tend to associate Super Bowl Sunday with good feelings. Friendly rivalries, great football, fun commercials, ad lots of snacks and drinks. But for many, Super Bowl Sunday can also include the temptation to drink, use drugs, or fall back into unhealthy habits. As a result, the game day can be an especially difficult time

Recognizing and Handling a Relapse

woman trying her best at handling a relapse

The trip through sobriety is a journey that has many peaks and valleys. Unfortunately, sometimes the low points in the valleys can mean relapse. The common assumption is that the moment someone takes their drug of choice again or takes a sip of alcohol is the time when relapse occurs. But, relapse occurs long before

How Stress and Addiction Can Hurt Long Term Sobriety

For many suffering from addiction, feelings of stress often accompany their addiction. Frequently, their abusive habits may begin as a way to deal with the stress they were feeling in their everyday lives. Turning to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism creates harmful habits that can lead to abuse. This is often how drug

Alcohol Relapse: It Happens

While relapse is not a necessity it is important to realize that it does happen. How one reacts and how quickly action is taken to stop relapse and get back on the right track is extremely important. In quality drug rehab programs a client will learn how to handle a relapse if it does occur.

Breaking Down Walls in Addiction Treatment

The professionals in an addiction treatment center will help its clients break down the walls and cope with whatever part of their past was ultimately causing their addiction. In most cases drug and alcohol abuse is the result of trying to mask some event that took place or as a form of self medication.