What’s Considered Long-Term Drug Rehab?
By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: June 28, 2016

The Length And Programs Included In Long-Term Drug Rehab

Drug rehabilitation can last a long time. How long rehab lasts depends on the extent of a patient’s problems, what treatments and services are used to address those issues, and the quality of communication between a patient and the medical professionals they’re working with. Spending a lot of time in rehab might not sound like a great time, especially when there are short-term options available. The truth though is that the longer you stay in rehab, the better off you’re going to be once you leave.

How Lengthy Are Long-Term Drug Rehab Plans?

Patients in long-term drug rehab plans aren’t restricted to the number of days they can stay in treatment. Doctors want their patients to feel comfortable with leaving the facility on their own. They will, however, urge their patients to stick with a long-term plan, which is a plan that lasts longer than 90 days. This is because the odds of lasting sobriety greatly increase when a patient stays in treatment longer than 90 days. For some substances, such as opiates, long-term drug rehab can last up to 12 months. This is because the medical professionals at the center may feel it’s necessary to give their patient methadone, which helps curb withdrawal symptoms. Because it’s also an opiate, weaning off of it after the threat of the initial withdrawal is gone is necessary before patients leave treatment.

What Does Long-Term Drug Rehab Entail?

Patients in long-term drug rehab can either be residents at the center or in an outpatient program. No matter which one you enter, the same treatments are available to you. Some of those treatments include:

In the best treatment centers, these programs are balanced and adjusted according to the needs of their patients. Medical professionals will meet with patients on a daily basis, evaluate how the programs are working, and alter them so the patients continue to learn and grow.

The Best Long-Term Drug Rehab In Florida

Lakeview Health is open to individuals struggling with many types of addictive substances. We offer inpatient rehab and intensive outpatient programs to both men and women. We encourage each of our patients to stay in long-term rehabilitation so they’re able to learn everything they need to in order to maintain their sobriety once they leave our Jacksonville treatment center. If you’re looking for long-term treatment, Lakeview Health could be exactly what you need. Call us at 866.704.7692 to find out how we can help you get sober.