5 Benefits of Addiction Counseling

By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: November 25, 2020

If you suffer from alcohol or drug use disorders, you may be seeking an addiction counseling treatment program. Lakeview Health offers men’s and women’s gender-responsive treatment based on proven scientific data. Learn more about the benefits of addiction counseling and our treatment center in Jacksonville, Florida, where we offer a variety of addiction therapy programs

Addiction Counseling Identifies Triggers

Become aware of dangerous situations that may cause cravings or a desire to use drugs or alcohol. As part of our program, you will learn to identify incidents, people, and events that led you to turn to alcohol or drugs. You may already have a pretty good idea about some of your triggers. However, we help you identify and overcome each one. 

As part of your individual therapy, you will learn to examine the connection between your triggers and drug addiction more deeply. When you understand what exacerbates or aggravates you, you can avoid situations that put your sobriety in danger. Unfortunately, this may mean making new friends who don’t remind you of your previous habits. 

Addiction Treatment Identifies Co-occurring Mental Health Disorders

Those who turn to substance abuse often do so in part because of an undiagnosed mental health disorder. During your recovery, we address your drug addiction and mental health disorders that serve as a barrier between you and your long-term recovery. Further, our dual diagnosis treatment program includes one-on-one counseling to help you overcome your mental health issues as well as move forward with your recovery. 

If you need strategies to help you overcome depression and anxiety, Lakeview Health can help. Addiction and mental illness are connected, and your therapist works with you to address both issues, so you learn healthier coping skills. 

Benefit from Peer Counseling

As part of our inpatient addiction treatment program, you will participate in group therapy sessions. You can both contribute to and benefit from the advice and experience of other clients. Counseling sessions with a small group of fellow recovery participants can give you some striking insights into the recovery process. In fact, group therapy serves as one of the most important treatment approaches during your stay at Lakeview Health.

Build Better Behavioral Skills

Addiction counseling gives you the tools that you need for long term recovery. Learn to avoid self-destructive behavior such as taking drugs or drinking alcohol to excess. Through evidence-based programs, our therapists equip you to maintain sobriety and avoid cravings. 

Our treatment methodology includes cognitive-behavioral therapy. CBT helps you learn to reprocess your thoughts in productive ways instead of acting out or relapsing.

Addiction Counseling Reduces Your Risk of Relapse

Through our substance abuse treatment program, we define sustainable ways to stay active and avoid drug and alcohol use. We also offer family counseling so that you can include your loved ones in your recovery. Including your loved ones helps me understand what you’re going through and leaves them better able to support you following recovery. 

With the love and support of those at home and the dedication of licensed professionals, you can make it through recovery with the determination you need to achieve long-term sobriety.

Addiction Counseling in Florida

Feel free to contact us about our locations in Florida. Through our CBT and DBT individual and group therapy, you can learn the skills that you need to find other ways to deal with stress. Put drugs and alcohol behind you and live the life that you dreamed of. Lakeview Health is here to support you every step of the way with positive reinforcement and the experienced staff to see you through rough days. Contact us to enroll in one of our programs today.