Is Addiction Treatment Covered By Insurance?
By: Lakeview Health Staff
Published: August 18, 2020

When a person is struggling with addiction, one of the key aspects that keeps them from seeking treatment may be the cost. Fortunately, when you consider payment plans, private health care, and public health insurance, there are plenty of payment options available. These can decrease the cost of alcohol or drug addiction treatment for the individual. When you’re wondering about how to pay for rehab, we offer a range of options. The cost can depend on the treatment program, the care you need, and the type of services you require, as well as how long you need treatment. If you’re wondering if addiction treatment is covered by insurance, you should reach out to experts for answers. To learn the answers to your questions, contact our experts today.

Is Addiction Treatment Covered By Insurance?

There isn’t a straightforward answer to this question, unfortunately. All insurance companies must cover at least part of the cost of rehab due to the law commonly known as Obamacare. Because medical experts now understand that addiction is a mental health condition. As a result, insurers must provide addiction treatment as they do any other mental disorder.

Unfortunately, the government mandates don’t mean that everyone can have access to the addiction treatment that they need. The level of treatment your insurance plan covers will depend on your policy, because, like any other health problem, the coverage your policy offers differs based on the cost. That said, your insurance company must provide some level of coverage for your addiction treatment.

Will Insurance Cover the Full Cost of Treatment?

Again, there isn’t a simple answer to this relatively simple question. The level of coverage that your insurance will pay for will depend heavily on your policy. Some addiction treatment insurance coverage will pay for your entire treatment, while others will pay for only part of your treatment. In those cases, you will have to pay out of pocket for the rest of your care.

Another complication is that certain policies will only offer specific types of addiction treatment. There is a range of levels of addiction treatment, including:

Some insurance policies will only cover outpatient rehab, which is one of the lowest levels of care. It’s important to contact your chosen addiction treatment program to verify your insurance and determine the level of coverage available to you.

Most insurance plans don’t cover the entire cost of addiction treatment, but there is a range of other options for paying for your treatment. You can apply for a personal loan or use your paycheck or savings. While you would probably prefer not to use your savings on addiction treatment, it’s vital to look at rehab as an investment in your future. With the proper care and treatment, you can look forward to a life free from substance use, but without treatment, you may overdose, leaving you in a coma or dead.

Seeking Addiction Treatment at Lakeview Health

At Lakeview Health, we are in-network with a range of insurance companies, including Aetna. We also offer out of network with Cigna. If you are still wondering, “Is addiction treatment covered by insurance?” the experts at Lakeview Health can help. We can verify your insurance, and you can access a range of many unique treatment programs, including:

When you contact us, Lakeview Health will discuss your options with you.

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We currently accept Aetna, Cigna, and United Healthcare. We do not currently accept Medicare, Medicaid, or Florida Blue.